Inventory Management

Let’s face it, most distributors are more worried about their needs, not yours. That’s a good reason to switch to TORQ.

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Everything you need.
Nothing you don’t.

All too often service centers either have too much or never enough products. Having the right amount of parts on hand and always in the right place delivers productivity. That’s the power TORQ delivers. Now your service techs have exactly what they need when they need it to do their job right, and right on time. We distribute peace of mind.

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Improved productivity and profitability. It’s all in sight with an on-site audit.

In a matter of minutes (ten or less to be exact) our on-site audits can quickly spot supply challenges and detail how operational and inventory efficiencies can be seamlessly implemented. Now your team spends more time working, not searching. With TORQ Distribution, you get the right products in the right place. Always. It delivers increased productivity and relief so that your team’s workday doesn’t last well into the night.

TORQ is Full Service for Service Centers

We provide more than just parts and fluids — we provide revenue and relief.



As your trusted distributor of BG products, we offer the sales training to help you move these products as fast the customer vehicles drive in.

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We back everything we sell with service training so your technicians are always working to improve your bottom line.

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