Sales Training

What you buy from TORQ, we train your team to sell.
It results in services your customers want now
and come back for in the future.


Move more. Make more.

As your trusted distributor of BG products,TORQ is able to offer exactly what your customers want to buy. And they will want to buy more because we offer the sales training to help your team move these products as fast as the vehicles drive in.

Young happy couple talking to car mechanic in auto repair shop.

High performance engines need sales power.

Today’s vehicles have a lot of horsepower under the hood. What TORQ offers is the products and services to keep these vehicles running at peak condition. And we teach you how to sell exactly what they require, including everything from engine services to brake and transmission fluid exchanges. Now your customers get more miles out on the road because you provide them with the mandatory maintenance requirements. This is especially essential as engine sophistication and complexity increases every year.

TORQ is Full Service for Service Centers

We provide more than just parts and fluids — we provide revenue and relief.



Everything your service center needs to maintain operational efficiency is right where it belongs and in the right quantities.

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We back everything we sell with service training so your technicians are always working to improve your bottom line.

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