Spray On Bedliners


Your toughest working customers require a bedliner that works just as hard.

TORQ understands you have customers with trucks that need protecting. That’s why we offer TOFF® Spray on Bedliners. Not only does this let truck owners tap into their sense of adventure, these bedliners also offer protection for the unexpected. What you can expect is increased sales from a product that’s not only popular, but guaranteed for life. It’s protection for the road ahead.

Proven tough truck bedliners for automotive service centers:

Fact: 90% of truck owners recognize the need for bed protection

Top line impact protection

State-of-the-art polyurethane/polyurea hybrid coating boasts the industry’s leading hardness and tensile strength. In layman’s terms: no load is too tough for TOFF.

Lasting durability and functionality

Engineered to maximize truck bed life with a custom fit that eliminates the chance of corrosion, while reducing cargo movement, load noise and vibration.

Unmatched chemical resistance

Developed to withstand most common chemicals that can spill on a truck during transport and cause the factory paint to stain or corrode.

Superior chemical stability

Through a passion for chemistry to life, these bedliners are formulated to age slower, retain color and withstand the harshest heat and humidity.

First and only renewable bedliner

Focused on product sustainability as evident in offering the only spray on bedliner made from renewable resources that are free of VOCs.

Advanced chemistry formulation

Chemistry combines the right amount of hardness, strength and adhesion that work together to provide truck owners with lasting bed protection.

Drive Profitability.

Contact us today to learn how your dealership can capitalize on this growing consumer demand for TOFF® spray on bedliners.