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Stock Up on Efficiency and Value: How TORQ delivers the right shop supplies when you need them most.

Overstocked? Understocked? Overwhelmed? As a service center manager, you probably don’t get excited about shop supplies. Until your technicians are frustrated by not having the basic replacement parts they need to repair vehicles and get them out the door. Or an overflow of paper product boxes that causes a traffic jam in your shop aisles. How can you find a happy medium and focus on the really important things, like running your business?

We get it – and we can help. We specialize in managing shop supply inventory and do it so well we actually changed our company name to reflect this. Formerly known as BG Services, we take pride in our outstanding selection of BG Products. But we’re much more than just a product vendor and order taker. Our new name, TORQ Distribution, connotes the idea of accuracy and precision within the automotive and industrial products distribution category.

After quickly reviewing your shop supply inventory and goals, we can develop a strategy to keep you stocked with what you need, when you need it. And you’ll never have to give it a second thought.

Instead of Searching for the Right Products, Find the Right Distributor

Here are three reasons you should choose TORQ for all of your shop supply needs.

  1. Communication
    When you partner with TORQ, we’ll stay in close touch with your shop personnel and management team to help ensure a proper inventory level tailored to the specific needs of your shop. This process includes weekly communications with your technicians, service porters, detailers and management that won’t interfere with your productivity. The ultimate benefit? You’ll have more free time to turn a bottom-line expense that typically varies month-to-month into bottom-line profits.
  2. Improvements in Shop Efficiency
    TORQ shop supplies are not only a great value, but we also install and properly place them in a way that enhances your shop efficiency. It’s surprising how many service centers have technicians who are constantly searching for what they need just to do their jobs. When you consider these technicians’ billable rate can range from $100 to $160 an hour, you’ll find that time really is money and spending five to 15 minutes of extra time on every repair can increase costs for your customers and your shop. TORQ will supply you with what you need – and where you need it to stay productive and efficient.
  3. Cost Control
    Not wanting to manage shop supplies and not having the time to manage them is the new normal for most automotive shops. But when you constantly run out of products when you least expect it and need something when you don’t have it, you and your team can quickly lose time and money. The answer is not to settle for a supplier with a “stock up so you don’t run out” approach that can be expensive and a profit killer. TORQ will work with you to provide you with everything you need and nothing you don’t to control costs and create positive bottom-line impact.

Give Us 15 Minutes and We’ll Give You a Proven Shop Supply Strategy

Ready to get rolling with a shop supply plan that will keep your service center efficient, productive and profitable? Give us 15 minutes to discuss your supply needs and we’ll conduct a FREE audit, discovery session and supply analysis, then offer you a quantifiable plan for addressing all of your shop supply needs.

It’s a fast and easy way to make sure you always have everything you need, nothing you don’t, and turn bottom-line expenditures into bottom-line profits. You’ll also have more time to do what you do best – manage your automotive business with one less headache to worry about. And you’ll enjoy the benefits and simplicity of working with one reliable shop supply distributor.

To request your free inventory audit, contact us now. [link to contact section on website] Or to learn more about our shop supply management and resources, download our product catalog. We’ll show you how we can create a beneficial relationship, from products to profitability.