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The Winter-Ready Service Kit: Cold-Weather Protection for Your Customers, Cool Profits for Your Dealership

Can you feel it? Cold weather is looming just around the corner.

Most areas of our country will experience substantially cooler temperatures during the fall and winter months and over 70 percent of U.S. roads are located in snowy regions. These factors can take a toll on your customers’ vehicles, but there is a way you can help them stay out ahead of these challenges while also giving yourself the opportunity to turn your product inventory into profits. 

As a trusted supplier of BG Products, TORQ Distribution is offering you a Winter-Ready Service Kit that features three important cold-weather services for your customers and at a discounted rate to your dealership. You can help to grow sales and service opportunities by providing protection for key components of your customers’ vehicles that will be much-needed during the colder months ahead. It’s an easy and effective service strategy that’s beneficial to both your customers and your dealership. 

Defend. Strengthen. Protect. 

The BG Products Winter-Ready Service Kit from TORQ Distribution is an easy access, all-in-one package that features three important service components that help to:

Defend against battery corrosion and ensure cars are start-up ready in the cold.
BG Battery Service features a corrosion-resistant formula to keep battery connections strong for reliable, cold-weather starts. This helps to keep all battery post, seal and terminal elements cleaner and corrosion-free and includes a two-year anti-corrosion warranty. 

Strengthen antifreeze to perform at a high level in freezing temperatures.
BG Super Cool is a unique formulation that restores antifreeze to its premier level of protection. This includes critical additive balance, proper antifreeze pH, and protection against corrosion that is all designed to help prevent cold-weather breakdowns and engine failure. 

Protect fuel systems from harmful ethanol that attracts water and corrosion.
BG Ethanol Corrosion Preventer helps to keep water in ethanol-blended gasoline from separating, which can cause fuel system corrosion and fuel line freezing. It contains stabilizers to prevent fuel oxidation while neutralizing acids and forming a protective coating on fuel system components. 

Winter is Coming. Be Sure Your Customers and Dealership are Cold-Weather Ready.

Now is the perfect time of year to encourage your customers to winterize their vehicles. When they stop in your service bay for oil changes, tire rotations or repairs, be sure to have your service technicians remind them that cold weather is on the way and there’s no better time to be sure their cars and trucks have everything they need to reliably power through the frigid temperatures ahead. 

The BG Products Winter-Ready Service Kit is an affordable and proven solution with the key service elements your customers need to ensure reliable vehicle start ups all winter long. They will benefit from the timeliness and value of these important services, while you will continue to build your dealership’s great reputation – and profits. 

TORQ Distribution wants to make sure your sales opportunities are winter-ready with the BG Services Winter-Ready Service Kits. A quick five-minute conversation with us could generate an extra $5,000 or more for your service center every month this winter. Learn more now.