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TORQ Team Spotlight: Jeff Fischer, Warehouse Manager

January, 03 2022

Improved productivity and profitability. It’s more than just a phrase, it’s a brand promise that TORQ takes pride in delivering to our customers on a daily basis. Making this happen takes a collective and dedicated effort of detailed planning, meticulous organization, a team-first mentality and unparalleled customer service. Jeff Fischer, our warehouse manager, is the […]

Customer Loyalty Programs for Auto Service Providers: Do They Work?

May, 19 2021

You see customer loyalty programs in many businesses across just about every different kind of industry. Why? Because, yes, they do work. As you might suspect, customer loyalty programs work very well within the auto service industry. In fact, we’d wager that they’re doubly important in an industry like ours because there’s so much competition. However, the […]

The Secret Auto Service Providers Use to Reduce Employee Turnover Rate

May, 05 2021

Have you ever had a great employee before? The kind that shows up on time (or early), works hard, and treats your customers with respect? …Have you ever had that employee leave for greener pastures, leaving you wondering why? You aren’t alone. There isn’t a single industry that doesn’t have to eventually deal with finding […]